A Better User Interface Toolkit

What Is Buoy?

Buoy is a library for creating user interfaces in Java programs. It is built on top of Swing, but provides a completely new set of classes to represent graphical components. It offers many advantages over using Swing directly, including: Other important features of Buoy include:


Download Buoy (1 MB, includes source code, documentation, and the compiled library)


About Buoy: This is a detailed introduction to programming with Buoy. It describes the design of the library, how it differs from Swing, and how to use its major features.

API Documentation: Javadoc style documentation for the classes in Buoy.

Tutorials: François Guillet has written a series of tutorials demonstrating how to use various parts of Buoy.


Bug reporting, feature request tracking, and discussion forums are provided through SourceForge.

Related Projects

The Buoy Docking Framework is a library for creating user interfaces based around dockable panels. This allows the different parts of a window to be rearranged by the user.

There are several graphical layout tools for constructing Buoy-based user interfaces:


The current version of Buoy is 1.9, released May 1, 2008. It is stable, extensively tested, and ready for production use.

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