Class BSeparator

  extended by buoy.event.EventSource
      extended by buoy.widget.Widget
          extended by buoy.widget.BSeparator
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class BSeparator
extends Widget
implements MenuWidget

A BSeparator is a Widget corresponding to a divider line between parts of a container. They are most often used in BMenus and BToolBars to divide menu items or toolbar icons into related groups. They can also be used anywhere you want to create a horizontal or vertical divider between Widgets.

Peter Eastman

Nested Class Summary
static class BSeparator.Orientation
          This inner class represents an orientation for the separator.
Field Summary
static BSeparator.Orientation HORIZONTAL
static BSeparator.Orientation VERTICAL
Constructor Summary
          Create a new BSeparator whose orientation is set to HORIZONTAL.
BSeparator(BSeparator.Orientation orientation)
          Create a new BSeparator.
Method Summary
 javax.swing.JSeparator getComponent()
          Get the java.awt.Component corresponding to this Widget.
 BSeparator.Orientation getOrientation()
          Get the orientation of this separator.
 void setOrientation(BSeparator.Orientation orientation)
          Set the orientation of this separator.
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Field Detail


public static final BSeparator.Orientation HORIZONTAL


public static final BSeparator.Orientation VERTICAL
Constructor Detail


public BSeparator()
Create a new BSeparator whose orientation is set to HORIZONTAL.


public BSeparator(BSeparator.Orientation orientation)
Create a new BSeparator.

Method Detail


public javax.swing.JSeparator getComponent()
Description copied from class: Widget
Get the java.awt.Component corresponding to this Widget.

getComponent in class Widget


public BSeparator.Orientation getOrientation()
Get the orientation of this separator.


public void setOrientation(BSeparator.Orientation orientation)
Set the orientation of this separator.

Written by Peter Eastman.