Class IndexedContainerDelegate

  extended by java.beans.PersistenceDelegate
      extended by java.beans.DefaultPersistenceDelegate
          extended by buoy.xml.delegate.EventSourceDelegate
              extended by buoy.xml.delegate.IndexedContainerDelegate

public class IndexedContainerDelegate
extends EventSourceDelegate

This class is a PersistenceDelegate for serializing a variety of WidgetContainers. It assumes the container has a list of children which are indexed by a single integer, and that children can be added to it by calling an "add" method.

Peter Eastman

Constructor Summary
IndexedContainerDelegate(java.lang.String[] propertyMethods)
          Create an IndexedContainerDelegate.
Method Summary
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Constructor Detail


public IndexedContainerDelegate(java.lang.String[] propertyMethods)
Create an IndexedContainerDelegate.

propertyMethods - the names of a set of public methods which take an int as their only argument. For each child of the container, these methods will be invoked and their return values passed to the add() method.

Written by Peter Eastman.