Class StaticFieldDelegate

  extended by java.beans.PersistenceDelegate
      extended by buoy.xml.delegate.StaticFieldDelegate

public class StaticFieldDelegate
extends java.beans.PersistenceDelegate

This class is a PersistenceDelegate for serializing the values of static fields of classes. It is used when a class defines various constants, and the appropriate way to "instantiate" one of them is to get it from the appropriate static field.

The constructor to this class simply takes the Class object which owns the static field. When it is asked to serialize an object, it searches the class for a public static final field whose value is the object in question, then records a reference to that field.

Peter Eastman

Constructor Summary
StaticFieldDelegate(java.lang.Class cls)
          Create a StaticFieldDelegate.
Method Summary
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Constructor Detail


public StaticFieldDelegate(java.lang.Class cls)
Create a StaticFieldDelegate.

cls - the class which should be searched for the field

Written by Peter Eastman.